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Back Stretcher Massager for Lower Back
Back Stretcher Massager for Lower Back
Back Stretcher Massager for Lower Back

Back Stretcher Massager for Lower Back

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😵 "Do you Often get stiff back, pressure in the lower back? Do you feel back pain while working? Did you try to easy your back pain ?"

Not any more! Just 15 minutes for 2 times in a day with Back Massager will help you relax 😃 

  • RELIEVES BACK STIFFNESS AND DISCOMFORT: Patented lower back massager and tracking device is different than traditional devices. Heated training massager for lumber there is an air traction system integrated in the device. its designed to provide continual training for lower back muscle and lumbar in the warm and vibrating condition to quickly recover from pain and soreness.

  • INTELLIGENT DYNAMIC TRACTION : Unique inflation mechanism gradually lifts , stretches and separates the joints, your own body weight works with the cycling air traction system to stretch lumbar and tight muscles. the unit can inflate manually using remote to help achieve the desired stretch or rotate through two automatic settings.

  • HEATING THERAPY : Heated massage promote healthy blood flow. We have three different temperature 45 to 55, 55 to 60, 60 to 65 degree centigrade, temperature level adjust to low , medium and high

  • DOUBLE MOTOR VIBRATING MASSAGE : The excellent design of vibratory massage system can let your lumbar be wrapped by soft and comfortable power quickly to relief your lower back pain. We use double motor to get the appropriate massage frequency which can activate your waist point perfectly. You can feel a healthy life brought by technology at home


  • EASY TO USE AT HOME – Noova back pain relief stretcher is very easy to use at home , you will fall in love to this back traction device. NO more hassle and difficult old way for stretch using hard pulling, hard to use traction devices. Just lay down on the bed , sofa or on the carpet position the beck stretcher device use the remote for relaxing and comfortable lower back massage and stretch. FAST SHIPPING - Ships in 24 hours and delivered in 7-14 days.